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We offer fertilizers, plant food, seed potatos (Katahdin, Green Mountain, Superior, Russet, Red Pontiac, Kennebec, Yukon Gold, and Red Norland), Onion Bulbs, Gladiola Bulbs, Bird Feed, and various pots, hanging moss/cocoa baskets, odds and ends store items.


We have 12" combination hanging baskets and pots along with combination cocoa baskets, our 8" fiber pot Memorial Day Baskets are available towards the middle of May.

Bulk Mulch

Bulk Dark Mulch $42.00 per yard, $21.00 per 1/2 yard. Delivery is available with a 2 yard minimum. (See delivery for details).


Screened:  Dark clean topsoil  1 cu yard $36.00



Little River Organic: Premium grade certified organic. 1 cu yard $65.00

Loam/ Compost mix $55.00 yard



Bagged Product

We offer a full line of soils, mulches, and manures fom Jolly Gardner, Coast of Maine, Little River, Farfard, and Pro-Mix. 


Mulch Delivery; approximately $2.50 a mile one way within 15 miles. Outsides that radius charges may increase. There is a $12.00 minimum and rates may change depending on gas prices. Please call for an estimated quote.


Delivery of loam, gravel, sand or any product from outside sources is also available with fees to be determined.


Allen, Sterling & Lothrop seed and gardening products. Produced locally in Falmouth, Maine.

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